30 Days to Healthy Living

Mind. Body. Soul. Rejuvenation


Ready for a change?

• Do you want to kick start your way back to health?
• Are you looking to try a healthy, plant-based diet but not sure how to start? 
• Looking for a way to feel refreshed  - mind, body, and soul? 
• Wanting clearer skin? Less bloat? More energy?
• Receive guidance from me as your health coach to help you through it!
• Additional support is given through our private Facebook group as well as weekly recipes, inspiration, and additional guides.
• Receive a FREE 30 Day Soul Connection E-Guide that will take you through daily activities to challenge you, make you ponder, connect with nature, connect with yourself, feel more positive mentally and emotionally, etc.

** Currently available to those in the USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Australia, & New Zealand**

Some signs of imbalance in the body and that you may be ready for a healthy reset:
- acid reflux
- acne
- allergies
- anxiety
- autoimmune disease
- blood sugar issues
- brain fog
- cellulite
- chronic fatigue syndrom
- constipation
- dark under eye circles
- depression
- elevated LDL, reduced HDL
- excessive sweating
- eye discoloration
- fatty liver
- food & chemical sensitivities
- gallstones
- hemorrhoids
- hot flashes
- hypoglycemia
- indigestion
- joint pain
- low libido
- mood swings
- poor circulation
- recurring headaches
- slow digestion
- sugar cravings
- skin rashes
- type 2 diabetes

During our 30 day journey we will relax the mind with activities like meditation, journaling, positive affirmations, and self inquiry. Understanding the mind/body connection is key for us to feel balanced. 

This 30 day detox will not only get you on the right path to eating healthy and clean, but it will eliminate common allergens and inflammatory foods while giving you the nutrients you need to thrive! Our goal is to get the body into an alkaline state for optimum health benefits. By treating our bodies with kindness and care, it changes the way we think about our bodies too - helping us feel great inside and out! Stimulate the lymphatic system by adding in a dry brushing routine each morning to help the body dispose of toxins. This 30 day reset will pave the way for healthier habits, ridding you of any addictions to unhealthy foods that are keeping you from your most vibrant self. You may also wish to incorporate exercise even if it's just adding in a 30 minute walk a few times a week.

Using the Soul Connection Guide I've written, you will feel challenged yet driven as you uncover the deeper layers to your being to become more in tune with the real you! Reconnect inwards and shed unwanted layers of energy that no longer serves you. Tune in to the true you by coming back to basics, We link how nutrition and our health directly contribute to feeling great from the inside out.

What the 30 Days to Healthy Living cleanse is all about:
• A gentle way to reset your entire being
• A way to connect deeper
• Access to high quality and clean ingredient protein shakes, herbal detox teas, caffeine alternatives with B vitamins for energy, fiber boost, digestion aid probiotics, & body cleanse nutrients to help detoxify and nourish.
• Daily Support and motivation
• An opportunity to try a whole foods plant-based diet with guidance

What it is not:
• Not a crash diet
• Not a way to detox by skimping on calories
• No filler ingredients or anything artificial 

How it works

Products you receive:
- 2 bags (4lbs) of vegan protein powder
- 2 boxes of vitamin-boosted, alkaline-forming energy fizz sticks
- 2 boxes of herbal detox tea
- 1 bag of fiber powder
- 7 day body cleanse drink mix
- 1 box of pre/probiotic
+ a free gift & free shipping!

The price you pay gets you your products for the cleanse. It costs just about $10/day ($266.40 + tax & sign up)! See cost breakdown here. Most people choose to drink 2 protein smoothies (1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch), eat healthy snacks if needed throughout the day, then a clean, detox-friendly meal for dinner. You can also do 1 shake, then 2 health meals per day.

The 1 on 1 guidance, private Facebook group support, Soul Connection Guide, recipes, and nutrition plan ebook are all included as a bonus! I choose to use Arbonne products for this cleanse because of their high quality ingredients and standards that goes into each one of their products. Read about their ingredient policy here. They are third-party lab tested for purity.

All products are:
• Certified vegan
• Certified gluten-free
• Certified non-GMO
• Certified cruelty-free
• Certified Kosher
• Free from over 2,000 ingredients (1,400 that are banned from the European Union plus several hundred more) that Arbonne does not allow in their products to keep them pure, safe, and beneficial.
• Protein shakes are certified by GI Labs, making it safe for diabetics.

During the cleanse we cut out the top main allergens and inflammatory foods (dairy, gluten, corn, soy) to help the gut heal and let digestion reset. We strive to eat plant-based whole foods to give our bodies the best nutrition possible.

To sign up:
1). Go to www.michelleweinhofen.arbonne.com
2). Click Register and then Save as a Preferred Client option- this will get you 40% off the detox for a year, plus 20% off all other products, shipping specials and free product offers with qualifying orders!
3).  Enter your email address, create a password and then fill out your information and accept Terms.
4). Select your consultant if it doesn't show me already, click change, Michelle Weinhofen or my ID 24353267
5). Click continue shopping, Special Value Packs (these discounted kits are only available to Preferred Clients and Consultants!)
6). Select Nutrition with protein shake mix and customize your order (when choosing between greens powder and the body cleanse, I suggest selecting the 7 day cleanse in your first order... you'll see why in the next step!)
7). Once you've added to cart your customized kit you will be able to select a free gift by scrolling down! (Here you will add the greens balance)
8.) Then continue to submit your order after filling out your payment information! You will get free shipping!
9.) Once you see "Thank you for your order" you are all set!!
10). Once your order has been placed, fill out the form below with your order number and I will then add you to the Facebook support group. There you can download the Soul Connection Guide, Cleanse support guide, and other helpful documents!

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