Skin Care Regimen (And What Helped My Pregnancy Breakouts!)

Oh skin care... one of those topics I absolutely love to explore, but lately it's been struggle street with trying to find balance. I've always had pretty good skin, but then of course going on the pill for 8 years made me think my skin was immaculate naturally. Upon coming off the pill about 3 years ago, my skin did some funky stuff.  My skin has never been back to that pristine, glowing, hydrated, radiant state. My break outs lingered around my chin, jawline, and forehead. I noticed some scarring that was a result of my lack of patience for my skin to heal properly (oops!). I've tried this brand and that, this oil, that cream, this scrub, and facials here and there. I tried changing my diet and eliminating particular foods, trying this tea and that herb. I tried it all, all in the name of making the break outs stop. They kept coming... and then bam, pregnancy hormones! This added a whole new level of break outs.

 Around 13 weeks pregnant. Dull skin, painful break outs, bummed out. My skin fluctuated a lot from this, I'd say this was it on a "good day".

Around 13 weeks pregnant. Dull skin, painful break outs, bummed out. My skin fluctuated a lot from this, I'd say this was it on a "good day".

My skin had been breaking out before I was pregnant but then I started noticing it getting worse and consistent with making sure my face always had several pimples on it at any given moment. And it hurt! I found myself having a hard time even in child's pose during yoga class because of the pressure my forehead to mat was putting on my break outs. I was frustrated and feeling sad about the state of my skin, because let's face it - no matter how bad it may look to someone else, if we don't feel good about our skin, it can definitely dampen our mood!

Behold, the answer to my problems! I started noticing a friend post a lot about CBD oil for various benefits and her hemp oil skin care. Her skin was always glowing and even though everyone deals with skin, hormones, pregnancy, etc, differently... seeing her skin and posts peaked my interest. I started doing a little research because I was never one who knew anything about weed, CBD, hemp, and all of the things. I did a little bit of searching the web for a vegan, cruelty-free, clean and organic skin care with hemp oil as one of the main ingredients. I came across The Wonder Seed in my Google search... and let me tell you, it's damn wonderful. 

I continued to read that hemp oil is suggested to be the best type of skin oil for acne and break outs. One of the reasons being that it is the most non-comedogenic oil and is least likely to clog pores. Another was that it is rich in nutrients the skin benefits from like omega oils, vitamins, minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium, and amino acids. The Wonder Seed's products are 100% natural, paraben-free, vegan, and no synthetic fragrances or dyes. Pretty much everything I look for in the products I buy! One other selling point for me was that the price doesn't break the bank.  I started using their products and within a week all of my break outs had started to clear up and no new ones had formed! This was a first for me in I can't remember how long. 

I've found a few other products that I've really enjoyed for various reasons and I include them in my regimen below!



Every am/pm I wash my face with The Wonder Seed Facial Cleanser. I make sure my face and hands are more so damp instead of super wet so that the cleanser doesn't get super diluted. I spend a good several moments massaging it into my skin and making sure I get it around my jawline and neck.



I use this Epicuren Micro-Derm Ultra-Refining Scrub only once a week in the evening . I use a pea-sized amount and rub it onto slightly wet, already cleansed skin. I apply very little pressure when using this scrub since it is pretty corse! I had this product used on me during a facial and decided to buy it after feeling now nicely it worked. The price is a little high however, a little goes a long way so it'll last for a while.



After cleansing, I follow with The Wonder Seed Facial Cream on face, jawline, and neck. I let it absorb into the skin for a couple minutes.


Face Oil

After moisturizing, I apply 1/2 pump of Acure Rosehip oil. Rosehip oil has helped me minimize scarring, dark spots, and provide a little extra moisture overall to keep my skin balanced. I typically do this AM & PM.


Spot Treatment

I use this Doterra Melaluca (aka Tea Tree oil) roller as a spot treatment. It is diluted with a carrier oil so that the tea tree oil is gentle enough upon the skin. I roll this on after applying the Acure Rosehip Oil only onto break outs in the PM.


None of these items are sponsored.  After many tries to find the right combination of products, I'm just happy to share what has worked with me this far!