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Winter Solstice Blessing and Rituals Circle

Come and sit with Shilah and Michelle as we prepare together for this most mysterious time of the year. The time that marks the shortest day and longest night, we sit in community and  honor the mysteries within. Tending to the patience necessary as we pay reverence to the dream time, the darkness, the stillness and the silence within. We sit in the dark spaces cultivating our faith and our hopes, laying our intentions for when the light returns. Honoring the stillness inside and around us as we sync up with the slowed and resting heartbeat of our Earth Mother. We join the animals in their dream time hibernation and fall into the natural rhythm of Earths Womb.

Enjoy with us sound, reiki, journeying, meditation, and Solstice blessing activities that hold space for us to be held in darkness with ever growing trust and love. Leave feeling grounded, connected to Earth, connected to yourself and connected to each other.

Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala 8:30 - 10:30 pm


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